Bird Observations, 29 December 2020

Bird Observations, 29 December 2020

National Botanical Gardens, Canberra

Proteaceae-Hakea, 2:30 pm, miscellaneous, unidentifiable chirping.

2:30 pm, light brown bird noiselessly lands on a branch, then ducks out of view.

2:30 pm, another light brown birds lands on a branch. It looks as though it had a patch of creamy yellow under its wings.

2:30 pm, silhouettes of tiny birds flitting through the canopy above.

2:30 pm, currawong lands in the branch of a far off tree.

2:30 pm, light brown birds re-appear. They seem to be squabbling. They have dark heads, cream-coloured bodies and fan-shaped tails with white tips: wattlebirds!

Proteaceae-Hakea, 3:00 pm, dark head, white breast, brown underbody, black tail. A tiny bird which creeps along the underside of the nearby eucalypt, then flies off to parts unknown.

3:00 pm, crimson rosellas soar through now an then, but they don’t linger.

3:00 pm, kookaburras laughing somewhere close by.

3:00 pm, wattlebird’s staccato call.

3:00 pm, more tiny birds flitting about in the eucalypt.