More bird behaviors, updated field file, interface tweaks

Another incremental update to the game. No new birds for now, but I’m aiming to make things more interesting for the birds currently there.

NOTE: this new version is incompatible with old saves, and will throw up errors. To start a new save, you can either select ‘Clear All Data’ from the title menu, or clear your local storage data for this game.


  • birds now follow their own routines - if they get hungry, they will search for food, and if they become bored, they’ll fly off elsewhere
  • birds also have more unique behaviors now - they don’t just uniformly whistle and perch in trees anymore!
  • you can now look up little articles on birds and areas at your bookshelf!
  • minor interface tweaks, plus a substantial tweak to the bookshelf which will make it hopefully more usable
  • new ambient sounds which will change from passage to passage!

From here, my aim is to keep building in richer bird behaviors, plus more birds, more sounds … generally more everything.

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Mar 19, 2021

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