Currawongs, seasons, sounds

Wow, it’s been another little while since I’ve returned to this for an update. This version brings with it some more birds: currawongs and ravens.

It also brings some new ambient sounds, which will change depending on the weather and time of day.

Finally, trees and plants will now flower depending on the seasons. Right now in September, the wattles have all put out their yellow and gold blooms. As spring progresses, the eucalyptus will also begin to flower.

With this version, I’m mostly satisfied with the mechanics of Home Range. While I’ll keep on adding new birds and refining each area of the map, I don’t think I’ll be introducing anything new to change how the game works. This also means from now on, save files are much less likely to become obsolete when a new update arrives.

Please enjoy, and happy birdwatching!

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Sep 05, 2021

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